Teachers Day 2003

Pretty bored today… Went out early in the morning to my workplace to meet the store manager and also to savour some breakfast treats. Then after that, I did some paperwork at the store before heading to friend’s house. Its just a plain sailing day afterall since there wasn’t much I could do today. After meeting up with my friend, we went out to town for lunch and movie. There after went shopping and then back home… On the journey back home, the traffic in the subway train was a killer – too many passengers trying to rush into a almost packed train car. So it too us quite a while before finally getting on to the next train as we could not squeeze into the train car of the almost packed train. Also I wonder how the teachers are today since its teachers day… Back home I took some rest and started working on this personal page… yet again… I have since yet to complete the contents and have started deciding on what I should work on next… perhaps a short story.. which would sound pretty cool… with a story line already in my mind.


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