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Finally, I have completed my communication skills project. Am looking forward to the exams though I have not really completed my revision. How I wish I have a super powerful memory to just have one glance and will know how to perform very well in the exams. Anyways, I have also completed reading my current John Grisham Novel – The Brethern. So I will be going on will my revision in full swing, and before long the exams will be over. Then I will start my vacation job again in full swing as before school begins and wish all to go well at work and have good results to show.

I will also be using my holiday to experiment with craft materials – making a 19″ teddy bear. And reading yet another John Grisham Novel – The Partner. Perhaps, restocking more of books for the Neopets virtual shop space I own with some nice books every weekday. That will bring me closer to my goal of 1 million Neopoints. Anyways Halloween will be coming soon… I intend to add some fun to spice up this place… So stay tuned for some Halloween decor coming soon… haha.. in the midst of my exams.. – sound crazy…


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