Does it sound funny to be blogging in the day? Hmm I would really wonder about it sometmes. Anyways hope that you like the current top image of halloween. It will stay there for the next 2 – 3 weeks. Then It will be back to my normal portrait until I manage to get a new pic for this webspace.. Should be soon. I’m currently looking into subscribing to paid hosting. But not right now, need to save up some cash before doing so. Also will be using coranto, its a new posting CGI-script that allows the webmaster to post news and updates to the website without having to do any updates. And it also helps to auto-archive the message posts.

I’ll be in school later for my communication skills project presentation. Today I hope that all goes well so that I can finally commence my revision for my exams. Have not been really starting off yet. Hope to get my revison completed at least 3 times before the exams. I am a bit scared of not doing well.


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