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Exam week prep

Life is really short… Time pass quickly… How I wish time can go by slowly, and the exams will never come. Sometimes I really don’t feel like studying. Though I know that it is good to attain knowledge and progress on with life. But it is not what I want in life. What is want is to live by what I want to do.

I did not go for a swim today, neither did I start revising for my networking. I wanted to take a break, a short break between my revision to digest what I have studied before continuing with the other 2 subjects. Been too restless, thus decided to write some stuff… I started my personal private blog today. It would contain my thoughts… the same as this does, but it will deal more about the inner me – my thoughts and perspective of things. It won’t be a chore at all to be running on two fronts, at least not for me I believe. I really hope the exams to be over and I can start my exciting holiday of making the teddy bear.

I also feel like not going for the ez amazing race organised by the TP-ENG school, thoguh I have promised to assist as a medic. Now I am still pondering over it, if I really don’t turn up – that will be when I end up in the clinic for some illness. I think I will write until here, there is nothing else which I think needs to be writern. Today I just completed my JAVA revision, and thats all. Spent the whole afternoon on JAVA and the evening on watching TV drama from 7pm – 8pm and 9pm – 10pm.


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