How to deal with Stress?

Stress, this word is not alien to anyone I believe. Children of schooling age these days will at least have a slight understand what this once alien word means in their vocabulary. Why stress? It’s because of the workload appointed to each individual that often means more work and thinking. If one gets stuck in the middle of an assignment, he gets frustrated. In the fast changing world, time is money. The faster we complete an assignment, the faster we can move on to our next task that is why is has become a race against time to squeeze out the best possible results through a fast pace of work.

Personally, I often feel stressed up due to the many different factors and my surrounding environment. Stress can be minimised by encouraging oneself to relax and not think about the bad effects of not completing one’s job. Also, to reduce stress, we can do some of the following:

  • Planning: it helps to relieve some stress, but don’t always follow what you plan. The more u follow when u are behind time, you will end up wasting time.
  • Exercise: do some workout in the morning/evening or swimming in the afternoons/weekends. This would help you to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Blogging: blog out your bad feelings, that way u won’t be keeping everything to yourself. At least to the effect of not having a mental breakdown.
  • Talk: talk to someone you trust, be it ur boyfriend, girlfriend, close friend. Whoever you feel is the best to talk to…
  • Sex: that only applies to adults. Having morning sex would be cool. Anyways, this would enhance your sexual life, and perhaps allow you to spend sometime with your spouse. That way, u also release stress and tension for a while which having fun.
  • Travel: if you feel that you are too bogged down with work, apply for leave and clear up the mess after you return from your holiday. I would suggest a 5 – 7 day trip away from work.
  • Movie: catch a blockbuster, it would help release some tension too. If your boss does not allow you to go on a vacation.
  • Read: do some reading during your spare time, or before going to bed. I’m sure it would make u think, at least not as much as in your work. You may even end up being the character in the novel.

Above are just some suggestions which can be used in everyday living. When it comes to doing sports, I tend to be lazy. Sometimes when I plan to go for a swim, I would end up not going anywhere but staying home rotting. So just consider the above-mentioned ideas and go about planning what you wish to do…

I enjoy Blogging!!! Yes, after constant blogging for a week, I feel more relaxed. It is a good psychology remedy… I love what I have now… I have satisfied my needs, not I would like to write off my wants and start saving up lots of money for my future… – education, insurance, housing, car (in this order…).

For my relationships, I would like it to end somewhere before I end my poly education. That way I would be worry-free pursuing my dreams and being single for at least until I have completed all my goals. Unless I find my dream girl – A slim, sexy girl who enjoys sports. That way we can both motivate one another to achieve our desired goals and keep fit. I would hope that we share a funding for household needs and what every that has to be shared. If we need something that is only for ourselves, we will each pay our own.

Even when we are dating, I would like her to pay for her own stuff. It’s to access her ability to be independent. Though we are together, at least we care and share. I would also occasionally buy her things or treat her to lunch. That would be my ideal life and marriage. I wish for a house by the sea… Something like Sentosa cove. A nice house by the sea, I may take up fishing then or maybe some water sports. But housing would cost a bomb. Afterall it is about housing, that’ss all for now… till the next blog…


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