Craft Hobbies – Building on imagination.

Have u ever wonder why some people make use of their free time to make craft projects – patchwork, teddy bears, stitching, cross stitch etc…

I started to wonder when a customer I serve bought 0.6m of fake fur to make teddy bear. Since then I started to develop the idea of making hand-sewn bears. I also come to realise that making teddy bear requires a lot of materials, these materials include furs, pellets, hobbyfill, needles to name a few… There are also bear magazines which teach bear lovers how to make bears too.

I’m not really a teddy bear lover, but I think that if I am successful in making my first bear. There will be a chance for a few more which will be put online for auction. Depending on the response before I consider having a bear site that sells hand-sewn bears. That way there is no longer a need to bid for teddy bears. And perhaps each bear type/colour will be sold as limited mints to increase its worth. The generated revenue will allow me to explore the bear horizon.

I also came to realise why Hallmark Forever Friends teddy bears are expensive. Its due to the trademark and the amount of work put into making the bears. I own a keychain size Forever Friends bear and a couple of plushies from Neopets – Cloud Aisha, Faerie Kougra, White Kougra & Blue Kougra. And soon to be added to my plush collection – Tigger.

Ain’t I a little ambitious? I also have a thought of setting up my own chain of stores selling hobby items – wool, wood, paints, teddy bears materials, patwork tools etc… It will have a similar setting as where I am working now, excpet that the store will focus only on hobby items base on the market research done on the favourites of Singaporeans. That way the store will know what to focus on and have a mass discount sale every week from Thurs – Sun, so as to draw in crows of shoppers to spend. Also, craft classes could be held at subsidised rates for limited periods. Though the gross profit will be low, but overtime with the branding up, more departments will be added and the store will grow too. And more similar concept stores will be created to cater to these needs. The store will also have an online portal for e-Shopping. Better discounts would be offered online for mail in orders and e-shopping customers. A membership database could be set up over time too. The hobby store would be known as HobbyXpress.


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