I woke up this morning to the shrieking of my grandma’s voice… How sad… At least her talking on the phone woke me up at about 8am in the morning. My plans for today was to do housework and accompany my mother to the supermarket to shop for some groceries. As I did, afterwhich I came home to rest for a while before going down for lunch at the nearest food court. And its about noon time, but there wasn’t many people at the food court. I suppose its a public holiday, a long weekend too. Maybe those unusual crowd has decided to go on a short trip. Maybe who knows, anyways as for me I will have to finish my revision by tomorrow so that next week I can fully concentrate on my weak subjects. Yay, thats a good idea, did some playing on Neopets in the morning too…

During my shopping at the supermarket, my eyes were on the shavers onsale at the supermarket. I was thinking about getting a shaver. Wish to throw away by electronic shaver, cuase it is causing some acne to start developing on my chin. I suppose its due to the hear generated by the electronic shaver. Am going back to traditional shavers for now. Hopefully I will get used to it. Anyways gotta start learning how to use traditional shavers with shaving cream. Hope that I won get cuts on my chin, it would be worst that those acne on my chin. As of now I am using aftershave to soothe the cuts. And aftershave helps to soothe and cools the shaving done to the skin, be it using the electronic or traditional type. I think traditional ones are as popular as the electronic ones.

PS: Will be back to blog tonight =)


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