Decided to add another bit of information about the data here since i got nothing much to talk about now… I have a boring yet enjoyable day. Managed to complete my revision for the day. So tomorrow I will be left carefree at least so that I will not have to worry about the exams with a day off to work my stress away at work… Its a day I would often look forward to everyday… Whenever I am bored down with assignments, I would try to clear them while thinking about what I would like to do next… Usually it would be working… Anyways that’s all for tonight… going to cook some noodles for supper then maybe write a few more paragraphs for my story before ending the first chapter…

I think I may be able to complete writing the story before my exam end or best would be before the exam starts…

Would you count a Saturday as a weekend? For me sometimes I do… Saturday for most of us is a day to rest, but for others they may have to work too, though it is a halfday. Anyways, I am about to complete my mathematics revision… Yay! Soon I will be playing some games to relax myself for the weekend with the commencement of my short story writing – sphere. What is the story about? I won’t tell you yet.. If I do you may not want to read it… but just a clue… A about romance between two people.. isn’t it as good as don’t bother saying? thats sure… But since u are keen on getting a hint, I’ll just leave it as that… Lets see if I can write out something tonight till then…


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