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What is love? Has it ever come to your mind what true love is? Why is there a saying love knows no boundary? It is true that love is powerful. It can change someone. But does one have to make sacrifices which are unnecessary? I doubt that there is a need to as long as both parties are truthful to one another, there is not even need to do so.

I had a quarrel with a friend over our different views last night, he called today to see if I was alright. But I blew up the incident, and now he is furious. There is actually no reason to be mad at anything coz the problem came from nothing. I think I have changed a lot ever since I came to know this friend since April this year. Everything was pleasant, and I changed for the better I believe, and have managed to do some good changes apart from the bad ones over time. But I think there is more to be done still… No one is perfect after all, and I have a bad day today having to be bothered by the words he said to me… How I wish both of us can sit down and have a good chat over coffee… Wouldn’t that be nice… I believe in fate, I believe in letting events unveil itself over time… That firm believe will stay with me a long as my faith is doing what I think is right remains true to myself.


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