Today I went to Tampines Mall to purchase some skin care products from the Body Shop. It has become a habit of mine to cleanse my face everyday since I started buying my own skin care producst for face 2 years back. Back then I started with Ginvera under the recommendation of a Promoter at a Shop N Save supermarket in Bedok area. Then slowly a year I changed to another facial product Clean & Clear from Johnson & Johnson. I bought the 3 steps and used them, I started from using the sample cleanser from teens magazine then I moved on with the 3 steps. After sometime, I again changed products, base on the advertisment from teens Magazine, I changed to Cuticura Tea Tree Cleanser. And finally last year december, I changed to tea tree oil products from the Body Shop. Right now, I am still slowly introducing the range of products into my daily use. I would say that I will soon complete the change into full tea tree oil product range by the Body Shop.

No mood to study to day, also don’t know why. The exams in 2 days away now and begins on Friday in the afternoon. I think I really need to take in some fresh air before I begin another 2 days of strict studying with rest at night. Anyways, I want to do well for my exams. Will begin my revision tomorrow morning. Thats all said, and completed reading John Grisham’s novel – The Partner, this afternoon before my shopping trip. I nice round up of events in the story and in my real life. With less than a 5 times I need to purchase on my shopping list/wish list. Also got an e-mail from an optic store which I e-mail to get a quotation for contact lenses. The price is way under my expectation. Which means I would be able to make an order by Christmas and get it when school reopens next year.


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