broken sphere – short story

Have you wondered why relationship don’t always last? And end comes when the relationship is broken. For example when a partner dies or when both parties get a divorce, it spells an end to a relationship. It is visible to this world that such things are common. I have just completed writing my short story 2 days ago on Sunday evening titled broken sphere. The story will be released on somewhere in December 2003. Right now it is undergoing some editing and reviewing by my friends. The story is about a couple who knew one another from secondary school. They were just classmates at first and became very good pals and finally girlfriend and boyfriend. But the worst nightmare came when they were both separated after they left secondary school. She went overseas, and he studies locally… What happened next is for you to find out…

Hmm looks like after next week I will have ample of time devoted to making teddy bears! Yay! Okies that’s all… I forgot about blogging last night… too engrossed with reading a novel by John Grisham – The Partner.


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