Woke up in the morning, did some revison then zoned off to playing games the whole afternoon for a while.. and back on the TV set for drama at 7pm, 9pm and a movie at 10.45pm. Hmm not bad eh, just not a lot of revision as my head is aching somehow…

I have yet to really start unleashing my high plan on getting a Notebook so soon and news got to my dad faster than I had anticipated… So it looks like I really have to get it done as soon as possible. Hopefully by Christmas of 2004, a Notebook for myself. That means a harsh savings plan of $200 a month for 12 months straight. Hmm seems tough, but have to get it done no matter what now… Right after my contact lens this Christmas.

Anyways, am going to do my revision later today since it is now 1am… lol.. gotta go ZzZ soon…


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