2003/11/13 update 2

Hmm looks like I’m taking longer than ever to blog… Don’t know why wither, I don’t feel like blogging sometimes… Perhaps its because I’m just too lazy to do so I guess… Anyways, right now I am not sure if I will be working on the Teddy Bear which I think may not work out at all. Right after putting down the teddy bear making thought, I think I would rather finish up my saving for the contact lense and move on to my laptop which is much more needed. Right after that robably work on my handphone of continue with my savings plan till I reach 10,000. Its my aim for 2 – 3 years i think till the time I go into National Service (NS).

I think it would be an achievement to get all my goals completed, which also includes reading the novel by John Grisham which I still have 4 more to complete.


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