Back on neopets… Last night I logged on to Neo after I reached home and took my youghrt which Iam currently having every time as dessert. I noticed that they will be holding an even in the city area this coming saturday on the 22nd Nov. Right now I am really thinking about whether I should really bother with making a trip down just to browse the merchandise or perhaps just ignore it. I really am not sure.. But what i really know is that I have to save up lots of money. Since I have already spent 100 on opening an account not too long ago, I think it would be best to keep spending of neopets at the bay and try to complete the contact lense purchase by X’mas. I think that should help me, in the meantime I have only 40 to survive the 2 weeks with lots of spending done.. hmph… I think I will just support neo virtually then…



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