Friendship on the rock

I think everyone would look forward to a new day and forget the old ones. I think it would be best to be forward looking and wishing for the best everyday, worries are not to be kept as they will disrupt our happiness, living a carefree life is always worth keeping. For me I would really love to have yet another reborn, I had one not too long ago. That was during my 1 week break from school, had a haircut and did some changes to myself. It really works wonders when we have a reborn after some reflection of our past, it makes us move on to better ourselves.

I wish that my old friends will leave me alone, those that i don’t wish to keep in contact anymore. Its not that I don’t like them, it because I feel that too many friends just aren’t too good for me. I’m no longer with my group of friends, except a handful of others whom care for me and we are able to communicate well. I hope that they will do their best in whatever they do and hopefully fulfill their dreams. As for my recently lost in contact friend – Francis, I wish you well and someday you will find your true love. Though I don’t wish to talk to you sometimes, its because I am very stresssed out by other personal stuff.


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