Two paths….

Hmm I think school will be starting soon in about a month and 2 weeks time… time really flies, no doubt about it. And i think I have blogged for this account has also reached 1 month old… Its really your encouragement as audience that I have come this dar, I serioudly like the feeling of blooging 2 accounts with different encounters each day – some more for private viewing and others for public viewing…

Just like for the account – its for private viewing, those who access my personal homepage won’t get here… Coz i don’t want them to know my real true self which is why this is named TrUtH JoUrNaL… where you see the other side of m life…

Right now, I am planning on writing a few more articles for my personal page – paradise so besure to check the site out in the next few days for goodies… lol…

Take care! Good Night!


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