Hey what are blogs about? Simple… for you to vent ur frustrations and anger… I had a bad Wednesday… Coming home at about 10.30pm just to get scolded for nothing… Its usual for me to go hang out with my friends… I don’t think it is wrong, so what if I hang out too often… I’m not doing nothing when i hang out with friends… We discuss different topics about life and we learn from experiences…

Anyways, i think my parents are just too much… Right now… a few moments ago… they are incepting my phone call also don’t know for what… I don’t think it is anything wrong chatting up late at night when u are discussing something important… Afterall I think that what is important is that I know where I am going and what I am doing. I don’t which for what I am doing to be intercepted or interfere my things which I deem are not knowledgeable. The way my parents are intercepting my phone calls is really plain rude… – no privacy at all… I would rather apply for a direct line so that no one will be able to intercept my calls at all and I can chat all the way thru…

Afterall what i am discussing over the phone with my friend has got nothing to do with my parents… So why bother when you can have a peace of mind sleeping soundly… I want my social life… not a child being pampered.. I think they need time to understand themselves… anyways who cares abou them… I don’t gove a damn at all… I just hate my parents for scolding me for nothing…


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