Shopping day

Turnaround, I bought this Westlife Album from Tower Records today on my way home…. I went to Tom & Stefanie at Tiong Bahru Plaza to do my wardrobe shopping for 2 sets of top and bottom wears… I think it is necessary since the Chinese New Year would be coming soon and my mum has decided to give me $100 to spend on clothing. Went with Lucas to do my shopping and also bought 2 ties. There was a promotion where you can get 2 ties for $9.90. Bought one pearl white and a navy tie to go along with my navy and yellow tops. The bottoms were both grey and navy i think…

Then went out to Orchard Spotlight at Plaza Singapura to visit my bosses and collegues and also to do some cd hunting… Am looking from the first album by Z Chen – May i Love you… Seems like all the cd shops don’t have the stock anymore – even HMV… so got no choice had to place an order with tower Records… hopefully the stock will come in… coz even the agent also dun have the stock… this is wierd isn’t it??

Thus I ended my day with some clothing shopping and a Westlife Album… Most probably when i get my next payday… I will buy A-do’s 3rd album – Hello… hehe… Also I should be buying his first album soon… coz i have the dubbed version…


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