School daze – short story

Finally, I have completed writing my 4th short story – school daze. Its a story about a year one student in a teritiary institution. Life is a brisk with friends and a new found girl friend. There were many hapenings in the life of the character by the name Paul. The adventures he encounter and the various events good and bad take their toll… Its a short but interesting story worth digging into… Be sure to read it by clicking on the link above…

Now, I went to work an hour early today as my collegue claimed an hour from work at last minute. Well just got notified to come an hour early out of a sudden. It was really fun at work today, but the power trip caused by a buy and sell shop caused a little inconvenience to the business today. Its really saddening to see that happen. But what to expect when such incidents do happen. though not everyday, but almost every month now…

I don’t think i have much to say now… so I think i shall end here today… Take care… Hope the weather is well tomorrow for me to go take a swim…


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