I think i must really say that today is truely a bad day… Firstly I woke up in the morning with the hope of getting a good swim… So got my trunks and goggles ready with my spare clothing for changing into after the swim. But i have left out my towel and body wash. So i had to go without those.. I had only realise that when i reach the swimming complex where i was in the changing room changing. Then when i started to swim my 2nd lap my goggles snap with the strap coming off. So I had to go without my goggles. Then after that i went to the eWorldofSports store to purchase a new pair of TYR goggles. Luckily i have enough cash to pay for that with a discount of 10%.

So I went home took an nap after taking my lunch… and slept all the way through till about 5pm in the evening. Woke up, check my e-mails and took a shower there after… Thats how I went throgh my day today… right now i am bored with nothing on hand to do… Anyways tomorrow will keep me busy at night with hanging out with my friends. But the day seems to be as boring as today is… Just wish i get something to do then…


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