Hmm… Its a boring day today. Had nothing much to do in the morning… So i just did some drafting of my finance and work up a plan for the 1st Qtr of year 2004. With that done up, I went to do some surfing around hallmark website to get myself some e-cards to send out with my friends for X’mas… which is just days away now…

Then late in the afternoon, I went out to meet up with my friend. We chatted for somewhile and he gave me some advise which i think is worth taking into consideration. For I am not in good terms with my parents. So he really drilled me with many opinions and showed me a clear way to success through understanding my family values. These I believe have sunk into my brain now and hope that with them being executed, soon a change will become visible at home and in the near future i will no longer be seen as a child… hopefully this day will come…

Anyways, wish for a better tomorrow – gonna go swimming again! hehe, sounds fun!


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