How i wish I har gotten my web hosting soon… But I think that may have to be realised a bit later into year 2004… Probably after i have gotten my laptop. Right now I am trying my very best to save up for one…

It’s a boring day today… However I did quite a bit of change to my room and some housekeeping too. Threw away quite a lot of stuff and also reogranised my shelves, to cater for new notes which will be coming my way in the next few week prior to school reopening.

Also, I have just changed my web blog background to a spider-man II theme… Pardon me that the image does not load at all.. I have no web host that permits me to host images right now thus I cannot show you the pics :(.

As I have said, it will be in July 2004 where I will definitely finalise my decision for web hosting. Also not to forget about my savings plan which I have just finalised with some minor changes… Yay, lots of things done today… The fruits of labour will not ripen so soon but will be when they mature. Right now i just hope for time to go by quickly thats all. Also I did not go for a swim today… Had a block nose… how sad 😦

Okies I think i gotta get some sleeping soon…


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