hehe… just a few more hours to X’mas… yay! Okies, went to Great World City with Lucas today just to visit the McCafe. Its a nice place, the drinks are of comparative to those in Starbucks. Same taste but cheaper by a few cents. Lol, anyways I did enjoy the Mochaccino which is similar to the Hot Mocha at Starbucks. Still prefer Starbucks more though. Ok, so the business at McCafe is just too good. Anyways am working on yet another written works due to be published this January 2004. Its entitled Last words, hehe sound like a dying story eh? Yeah, maybe you think that is so…

So, what do you have in mind this X’mas? I gave up the thoght of going for a BBQ and a gathering tomorrow. How sad… Wanted to go for the BBQ but just a bit too late notice, maybe because I missed the phone call made by Patrick on Monday and Melise for she called me on Sun and then did not say anything… I called her back, and she said nothing. Then Summer called me today… And on my way back home, Roy called to tell me of a gathering by his church group tomorrow. Just you see how many gatheirngs this month? Went for one and missed four… haha.

Anyways, I’m really going to pin myself down to work out my finances first before I have thoguhts for other stuff. Right now I am thinking of saving up 50% of my future study expenses in Australia. Most likely settting my sights for Nursing in Australia.

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