hmm… Was wondering if I should do some cross stich when I get freerer with no more neopets… Everyday during my free time I devote them to playing on Neopets… but now I find a void in my life ever since I decided to stop playing neo and concentrate on other stuff. But still there is a void, so I am thinking of taking up cross stitch. And ahem, u would asking me what about my teddy bear making? Right now, iahve no intention of continuing with teddy bear, but will be back soon when I find the time. probably when I start getting the stuff soon. But I would like to priortise my time toward studies, work then leisure. So cross stitch would be something secondary to my lifestyle. Probably looking into making Precious Moments cross stitch. And if it is successful they could become pillow cases for friends birthday or even X’mas Gift ideas…


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