Friendship vs Relationship

lala… I was contemplating about my feelings for Samantha today… Coz I also am not sure myself if I am really holding a lit torch awaiting for her.. I really don’t know if I really have any feelings for her at all… This is something that bothers me once in a while. However as far as i know, Jasmine is history. The only 2 gals i have some interest in are Samantha and Amanda. For Amanda’s case its just more towards being brother and sister I think. Coz I just treat her like one with no other feelings. For Samantha, I just feel that I am cold towards her for I am shy thats what amanda says, I keep my feelings without any revelation. But do I really like Samantha? I gave her a soft – toy bear.. hope I had made one for her instead… anyways, just wanna wish her well even if I am not the one she like for now and in future since I was rejected by her once.

If I ever get into any relationship, just wish I will have the courage to speak up. Thats all I want, right now just aim to get my goals done…


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