A week is passing by quickly so there willl always be a need to keep myself updated with happenings around myself and how I can go about adapting to the changes… Soon, I will be changing my SkinCare products and also am in the process of working out a new protocol inorder to help myself breeze through this semester with at least a B for all subjects… Though it seems tough, but I am sure that can be achieveable with time management and in the meantime also prepare myself physically to prevent depression and also to live a healthier lifestyle though I may appeat wearing something wierd to school like sleeveless tee and a shorts coz I will be going for a jog after school…

Anyways these are though attention grabbing attires, but I believe that is not really important at all, and no one should really bother with them unless the school rules say so… therefore I won’t be bothered with it at all…

As for my savings plan, some modifications took place and the plan is still running smoothly no doubt, so I will continue at that pace and the laptop will come in a little late though since I don’t feel an urge to buy it now…


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