A nursing carrer

Had coffee after work with a collegue of mine… We chatted about one hour about office politics and got to know more about one another …. Anyways, I regarded her a my ‘god-mother’ to a certain extend though she is in no way going to replace my god-mother who passed away about 1 year 6mths ago… After her departure, I came to realise how I should really treasure every moment I have in life… And I had a half dedicated life towards Nursing in hope that I would one day be able to assist my god-mother… But that day did not come by… So I had also dropped the idea of taking up Nursing after some of the friends challenged me about not taking up Nursing… But still, I have plan to take up Nursing either locally or overseas. One day perhaps I would be able to meet Samantha as a Nurse… But that day however may not come true… As of what I know, she will possibly settle down in Singapore and not in Australia afterall… So there goes our fate… I do believe that we are still friends though but there is no way I will talk to her directly until the day I find the courage to either tell her that I love her or to tell her that I have give up loving her and decided to go for my other dreams… Finding another girl to love… which could comeby easily but to start a new relationship is not always an easy task afterall…


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