Yay! Bought my bag today… a small Billabong Waist Pouch… used it when I went for class in the evening…. Its really cool and fun… Anyways will be going for the IG2004 training… So if you happen to go for TP Open House in Feb you will get to see me there… hehe

Anyways, that means I have just 2 more things to get… that is a pair of lenses and a laptop. Apart from that… I am thinking about passing Debra a card on Tuesday when we meet for Lab, then I will be able to know if she would like to befriend me… Anyways, it is just that I dun know how to face her when I want to ask her such a funny question thats why I am using a gift card to do the speaking for me while hopping on with placing the card in from the papers to be passed to her…


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