Hello pps… Its a boring and slow moving day… but I am really happy that I have done quite a lot of clearing to my endless assignments… I have completed the layout for my NMM project, the list of items for my FCSOS project and the rough draft of the proposal for my OTCM Project. That means I have only the JAVA and IISO to complete in the next few weeks when they are made know to us.

Afterall this is really fun, with less worries except that I need to complete my Osteopososis website for my NMM project… and also to think about whether I should even ask Debra about going into a relationship since I have been thinking of her on and off…

However, I still have some place in my heart for Samantha, not Jasmine since she is already long gone from my heart. Another wierd thing is about Amanda who loves to talk to me also not sure for whatever reason. Afterall, I believe she does not have any crush on me. Anyways, just don’t really like the idea of her being with me at all, because she doesn’t really suit my liking.

So right now I just have a little hectic decision to make – that is should I hold the torch for Samantha or just go for Debra. Or should I just hold the torch until Debra and me have really jump onto the wagon and started hanging out with true feelings?? maybe the latter would be a better idea since I am also not sure if I will be able to treat Debra well, I just hope so… However the final decision will also lie in whether Debra is attached a not…


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