Just wondering what would a blog be used for when there is nothing you can write about in personal thoughts? Just had the sudden urge to hug someone but when I approached my close friend – Lucas and wanted to hug him he refused… When I ask him why, he just said he is not an open-minded person… So that means that he won’t allow anyone to hug him… from that I cam to my senses that not everyone is as out as others are… I can though be a out person, but still I have to know my limits…

Come to think of it… I think I am someone who goes by my feelings and emotions which can sometimes be very dangerous… Anyways, I also know that Lucas keeps a personal blog which is somehow private but I came to read it and found nothing particularly interesting at all… Anyways, I am still waiting to know if I will be giving Debra the card tomorrow… Hopefully tomorrow will come with a decision…


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