Neopets TCG – Battle for Meridell

Neopets TCG Expansion: Battle for Meridell

Bought 2 decks for Neopets Latest TCG Expasion! Really annoyed with the amount of new cards in the pre-packed decks. Seems like there were less than 20 unique cards… per box. I was thinking that they will have all new cards in these decks thoguh… By the way here is the link to Wizards of the Coast, the exclusive distributor of the cards.

Anyways, luckily for me I have not really completed the first edition TCG cards, so there were ample of space to hold these unexpected lot of cards… Most probably, I will be getting the new booster packs for Battle for Meridell, complete the collection of 140 cards before moving back to complete the 1st edition set of cards hopefully by March 2004.


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