Now… the time has come for the official web release of the Roaming World, the much awaited release… the story I shall not reveal too much… check them out here… (link up soon)…

that aside… back to my blog…

came back home from school, quite lazy… anyways still completed my tests in 30mins… Then once i reached home turned on the PC and continued with my story. Then lay around the bed a bit before deciding on a takeaway lunch from BK. Bought back Chicken Sandwich and went straight to continue with my story.. Completed it, played a bit of Neopets and then got ready to school.

have received quite a lot of feedbacks now… with good comments just some grammer which needs to be weed out soon. Hopefully NiceStories.com will get it uploaded soon!

With that completed, I spend my night playing games online and chatting up with friends. Also I submitted borken sphere (Oct 03) and school daze(Nov/Dec 03)… now I have 3 stories… + 2 already online – Teacher-My Friend & Western Australia 2000

Also.. bought some Neopets TCG cards too.. there will be an even this weekend at Takashimaya B1… hopefully all fans will attend the event!


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