Been feeling lazy these few days… Was working on a fan site moments back… Just feel like completing what I have left undone weeks back… Now that I recall it sometime now… Anywyas going back to that soon – tomorrow? hmm gotta go sleep soon… its 11pm now…

Today school was real boring…. Attended the lectures and labs then went to work to roll fabrics.. Luckily no OTCM in the evenings so I can work all the way till 7pm then went home. Once I reach home, took dinner then went straight to the computer to start doing my fansite until now… Time flies I think I had spent about 3hrs on it…

Anyways, now I need to check out how I can go about in this way for the next few days… its tiring… at least better than wasting time at time unproductively. Anyways, right now I will be studying over the next few days and on this Thurs too…


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