Hmm its almost time to midnight… still awake… just completed my Neopets TCG fansite – NeoCards.

hmm its sad coz I will have to start my engine running next week for the semestral exam will be coming in 6 weeks from now. So, there is a need to do so. On the other hand, I will be collecting my cards over the weekend, hence complete my base set of TCG cards. Then, I will start reviewing the various cards in the Base Set followed by the Battle for Meridell Set when I have that completed too…

Probably I will also hire some fans to help out in that when the site grows big… As of now no one is really needed except for article submissions etc…

Now back to school – Nothing at all… I think school will be like go there sit down and rot… For tomorrow… yeah that is how life is.. Right now all I want to do is to print the notes in the morning and do the tutorials for next weeks lessons….


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