Yeah… its really boo… My PC went down yesterday… Also not too sure what had happened… anyways that means no blogs for the next few days etc… I may blog in the middle of the day if I have the time though…

Anyways, right now I also dun know what to do… Been lying around over the past few days not knowing what to do while waiting for the results of the Direct Admission Exercise to be announced… Right now I am really not sure what to do… Apart from working, I have no mood for school at all… I want to escape school… But there is a limit to escapism… right? yeah, it sound easy to runaway… Not really in reality… you need to wits and money to runaway… Not meaning to say bribery… What i mean is a getaway to a faraway land never to come back…

That is what I mean by a runaway… At the current moment, I just want to complete my neopets TCG collection and start saving up $$ for investments… that is all I want to do… nothing else for me matters at all…


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