Been missing i think…. And hey, I actually been busy with school and my fansite to have the time to blog… Now I am thinking about how to go about completing this semester with good grades when I am skipping lessons – some…

Also, very sian… I only do projects and don’t really bother with other stuff… Anyways, right now I am almost completing my Neopets stuff, so I am left with not much things to do… Just the neopets TCG cards and then I will move on with my plushies – those I have yet to have and some other stuff… Also not too sure if I am going to buy the Desert Aisha and the faerie Scorchio… coz I love Faerie and Desert pets… Maraquan pets too… and baby pets.. uga uga…

Anyways do visit my site at http://www.neocards.us!


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