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Hey… today was really annoying though boring… coz I had to deal with 2 calls at work…. somehow I hate that… Celia call to ask me when I want to get the TCG cards from her… think she is pretty impatient now… a rather $$ minded person I feel… anyways and there was Amanda who does not really know how to use the sms… call me out for coffee… I already very broke liao after investing on neopets stuff… haiz so sianz….

anyways, told celia that I will get back to her on friday… Now don’t even think I am going to work on friday… so sickening, I need to settle the cards so that she will just stop bugging me about those… and hopefully the shop keeper has got the cards ready for me to collect on friday… anyways going to check out the shop tomorrow afternoon to make sure… will only pay on friday… or should I only go on friday?? I think go on friday lor… so sianz….

haiz tomorrow also need to go school to submit NMM project… really feel that I will just chuck the whole thing at the teacher and then walk off…


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