Thousand Miles – Short Story

Well… today is Sunday so there is no school… At the moment I am trying to figure out what subject I should begin my revison with… At the moment, I have decided to type out my latest addition to my stories – Thousand Miles… I have planned for another 2 story in the works… they are back in time and grey zone… both are of 2 extremes… one is the continuation of the roaming world the other is about a bisexual guy who had fell in love for 2 people… one girl and one guy… who will he choose? and how will the characer in the roaming world become? stay tune to find out… I should be able to complete these stories by June… Another thought that came to me is about writing about lesbians…. What i mean is this… a story about a straight guy falling in love for a lesbian. There is no doubt possibility of the plot… however, it is going to be tough… Anyways these are to my knowledge… possible storys to be written making a total of about 5 stories planned for 2004…


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