Went to get a box of 3500 cards from Vincent today… Well its a real lot of cards from the Magic set. Thanks to him for the cards. Did not really have the time to sort them out yet.. probably tomorrow… I will get them sorted out… I’m looking at the colours white and green in Magic: The Gathering. Other than Neopets TCG, I play Magic too. Anyways right now my pool of cards for Neopets TCG is 0. All my cards are with Vincent. Decided to let me get this deck and collection built up first before I start doing mine.

Will probably mail him the next box of spare cards when I go and buy my 2nd box of BfM cards. Hopefully I can complete my cards for that set. Really hope for that, should not be a tough task. As for Magic, I am not looking into the idea of collecting the cards. There is just far too many cards to play already.

Today went to work, my throat is not getting any better… still the same… Will go see doctor tomorrow if there is a need…


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