Zombie Dream

Just woken up by a dream… I was home and someone called me out. Went to Jyss, coz there was a Sec 1 Orientation camp. One of my juniors asked me back. Then, I just went to school with a soft toy doggie owned by my bro. It was rather wierd when I was on my way back to pack my bag before leaving for school again.

There was this guy who does not really look like a man, more like a zombie making some funny noise at the bus stop which I was waiting for the bus. I was practically worried over it, so were some of the others at the bus stop. Just then, the bus arrived. This zombie like person also wanted to get up the bus. We trued to refrain him from getting up. The I recall something mum told me, was thinking maybe the zombie belongs to the other world. So I decided to say in my heart something to the zombie. I also managed to get on the bus. So the rest were still left stranded at the bus stop. We moved on to the next stop.

The sad thing was the bus stopped at the stop without moving after a long time. Just then the Zombie appeared again outside the bus. He was hitting against the glass. Luckily it was kind of unbreakable. I was grabbed by the body together with another guy who was sitting next to me…

I felt shocked and stunned when the Zombie blurted out “I want you…” when he was picking me up… Then everything was back to normal, with me being a changed person. I came to realise that the Zombie was a professor who was trying out some things which could turn a person around with a new personality and looks.

Isn’t that shocking? I was stunned by the time I woke up. Had a dry throat and took my medicine since I had came down with flu…


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