it seems like i was born yesterday… I just have this feeling of boredom whenever I think that I have nothing to do… In fact there are lots for me to do and complete. For the past few weeks I have been engaging in skipping of lessons. Now I have to face the music – why? I am not so sure either, the exams are round the corner. I do not feel the urge to study, all the more I want to do my financial planning and want to take a bigger step into planning my future and finances.

These are the things I have in mind which are of importance to me. right now, my worries are all gone. I went to Suntec today to browse the bookstores – MPH and Times for self help guides and health books. Found 2 books – beginners guide to Yoga and the everything personal finance handbook. I bought the former, decided that the latter will come in handy later in the months to come. I would prefer to perfect my lifestyle before I start having cost cutting measures for long term effect on my health. I was also looking at the idea of having Subs for lunch or dinner whenever I am working. coz most of the subs by Subway are fresh and tasty. Contains little or no fried ingredients and taste healthier. Just a thought, better than Burger King and I have also kicked the hadbit of drinking Starbucks for now. With a monthly budget of $500, I have to scale down a lot on my spending and save up most of the money in my different banking accounts and sections with the various banks which I can currently looking at. Seems like I am trying to work towards investments and insurance. I think it is because I come to realise the risks I will face as a health care worker in time to come, that I must prepare for these pensions incase anything happens to me.

Well… thats for now… I’m getting a little hungry now… I think I will be buying my box of cards tomorrow… Then I will work on my school and the promo cards after tomorrow with the left over cards i need to recover. I hope I can complete the Battle for Meridell set tomorrow.


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