Qing Ming Festival 2004

today had a neck-ache, woke up early at about 6am and felt my shoulder ache. Now it is still aching I think I did not have a well-shaped sleeping posture. Also, I went to “Ching-Ming” today at Mandai and Bright Hill. Anyways afterwhich, went for lunch at Eunos market and ate Fish Porridge and Char Kuay Tiao. Quite filling after eating the noodles.

Anyways, had a quite boring and lame day today, came home sleep, then woke up ate dinner then lay around doing some bit of revision for Java then continue with Neopets then watch TV then back here for blogging now…

really bored, anyways though busy today, at least I did some playing and homework. Hope that next week I will be free to study more… Also, I will be on my way to completing my Neopets TCG collection… – well almost… except for the Red Wocky coz my friend from the US is not too sure if she will be able to get me the card from eBay…


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