Basically, today went to school… Not as usual today… I was not late for the first time… this week very puntual for class… Also saw my fellow peers for the last time… erm I mean the last week I am gonna be in TP with them coz no matter what happens after this week, I do not wish to discuss much about. Coz, it could mean that I will either have to repeat my module or I will change school… to School of Health Science in NYP.

Still today, as I sat next to Xiao Ming in the LT and talked to him, he is still against my decision of changing course. He is the only person in my care group whom I can really talk to… the rest of the guys are just not really bothered except for Yan Zhang who is another person who somewhat still bother… They have thought that I have withdrawl from the school… moreover, I have yet to do so coz I have wait for the final decision to be concluded anytime soon….

ok… enough of that now… As it seems I will be having a great time this holiday as I will be able to complete my Cross Stitch and do my Teddy Bear… yep, I will start work on my teddy soon after I have completed my cross-stitch. then I will decide if I am going to make these in future as gifts for friends.


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