Another day of slacking… Anyways, got good comments for my project, except that I do not understand why my lecturer did not receive my project 1… anyways, I just did not bother to tell him since I am no longer in mood for the lessons anymore… Moreover I am happy to say that I may get good score for this subject. Which is a good sign, and I do hope for that too.

Apart from that, I am looking into clearing my Neopets TCG goodies this week, and 1/3 of my Magic stuff this week… then over the next 3 weeks I should clean off my debts and begin saving up for the Dr. Sloth expansion set then slowly balance up my finances… Anyways, going to study hard and play hard for the exams and on Neopets from tomorrow… Going to school for the NMM lect tomorrow since got last lecture. Then maybe go for CMaths tutorial, NMM no more tutorial liao, haiz still thinking about whether to go for IISO coz got nothing there somemore need to wait until 4pm then got lesson… sianz….. so its like go school from 12 – 1 & 4 – 6 for lesson…. 1 – 4 = 3hrs rot in school…. I think I rather go home after the lecture…


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