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hmm… skipped a day of blogging… coz yesterday was too bored and busy with my stuff to have any time to type out anything… when my mind was also in point-blank… Anyways, today was at work and gotten quite a bit of complaints for no reasons… anyways all to blame those customers for them being too fussy and too iliterate to understand the meaning of please wait… I need to settle this customer first… It is always frustrating when these people do not understand the meaning of please wait… At least when they get the meaning, it would make it easier for them and us to carry out our task to the best of our ability…

Anyways, enough of this customer service thing… basically, today I am just dead tired and would prefer to hop to bed now… since this coming week thru May I will be home all the while so that means a good time for myself to work myself to the moon… That is complete my long list of to-dos once I have finished my literal exam… since I don’t have any for the time being…


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