well… I also dun know what to say right now… on my way back from work… I saw someone who seemed very familiar… If I am not wrong I met him before… not once not twice.. but a couple of times over the past few years… He is a male nurse to my knowledge… I came to somehow know him when I was in Sec 3.. that is in 2001… It was during Dillon’s hospital stay that I came to know this nurse…

Anyways saw him a couple of times on my way back from school… sometimes in the afternoon sometimes at night… Also, like I have mentioned in the previous posts I have been seeing Nurses around me… I really still wonder what is the inclination…. Will I get into the Nursing course? I am not too sure yet… However, I would like to coz I have come to realise what I want… over the next few days I will be working on my TCG fansite (Neocards) for I need to think up some new site content… and probably complete my cross-stitch…


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