2004/05/15 update 2

decided to go back to blogging at night… feels much much better…

anyways, am now working on some budgeting since I ma going to take a long break from work after July… that is at most work until my schedule finish then quite le… though a little she bu de… but no choice, anyways also good at least can spare a weekend to go out… still need to skim and save coz I am paying quite a bit of stuff now… – PruCash, collecting TCG stuff etc… so really need to budget…

well… it is never a problem for me to do a budget drafing… and I will be using eBay soon to get rid of some on my TCG cards…those that I have too much spare (more than 3 pcs) so that I can at least get some extra cash to save up for more cards 🙂


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