so sianz… anyways now I am waiting for some cash to come in so that I can write off what i still owe people… that is I still need to get Trippy her NeoPen and send it flying to the USA this Friday, Apranum’s TCG card and payment for Magic Cards which I still owe Vincent + his Blue Draik Promo Foil.. then I will have to start writing off my RoS expansion set which I have not even start 😦

Just too many things I have on hand to finish up… And I need to start sending interview questions to NC staff for Project Spotlight in July… Anyways I still have got 2 more weeks (this week included) before I start working for about 2 weeks then will be back to school and work will cease on July 11 coz I am gonna leave Spotlight until my holidays before going back to work… which is like 3 months break…


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