hmm as it seems… life is getting back to normal and in this new school i am starting to learn to keep to myself for most instances since what you know may make others very unhappy when you just say it out coz they will think that you are trying to be funny and act as if you know everything…

having learnt to be thinking on my feet and be a little smart to keep to myslelf especially during lab sessions which I think will definitely benefit myself more than not…

Anyways, that is what i believe now… also went back to visit my friends over at ITE Bishan and found out that there will be some changes coming soon to the Nursing as their timetable may be re-done to show something similar to that of in the Polytechnic Nursing… anyways… I really enjoyed one free sit-in lesson on communication skills… though just wanted to get to say farewell to my classmates…


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