hmm today… I was cornered by 3 girls asking me why I was literally sticking to Clarabelle… anyways my answer to them was plain and simple… she is easy to get along with… haha that was my reply to them…


Guess they are either trying to find out what was wrong with me or they want to know if they can tease Clarabelle… haha


and on the other hand there was this girl Michelle… she was kinda not happy with me today.. so be it – from LT to Bio Science Lab… anyways… Can’t be bothered with the details… will see how things develop tml… if it gets worse… she will be asked out for Coffee or Tea 2 McD while I trash things out with her… dun know what is in her mind…


One Comment

  1. take it easily dudeeey.. dun try so hard to fit in. just be yaself.. and perharps try to keep things more to yaself than just shouting out loud. not all people have to like you.. so, just try to have fun and good luck. 😉


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